Unknown PSP Game ‘Melodie’ Discovered

The PSP, or Playstation Portable if you prefer, was home to some great titles but unfortunately not all of the games developed for the platform ever made it to retail. In recent times we have seen numerous unreleased games appear online, with Volition unveiling a Beta version of Saints Row for the PSP, but during the past week another unreleased PSP game known as Melodie has been discovered.

Unlike other games at the time Melodie, a title which has been completely unheard of until now, would utilize the PSP’s media functionality of the console and access your music and picture library; the result is that elements from your media selection would be portrayed within the game. Importing external media into a game isn’t uncommon in video games, as we have seen it done plenty of times, but Melodie was one of the first games that actually required this content in order to get the best experience out of it.

So how exactly was this game discovered? Well  Tommy1603 of the AssemblerGames purchased a PSP Dev Unit via an online auction site and upon arrival he discovered a prototype version of the Melodie game inside the unit. Since then the Tommy1603 has made the game available online for other PSP owners to try; but in order to actually play it you would need a custom PSP and some time on your hands.

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