Undisputed Street Fighter Book Is The Best Gift For Street Fighter Fans

One Dragon Punch Of A Book

Whether your love is Super Turbo, Third Strike, or even V. The Street Fighter series set the bar for fighting games worldwide, having created the foundation for major fighting games everywhere. From Divekick to Tekken, you can bet the influence of the Street Fighter is there. The series has seen life as movies, TV shows, and even books. The Udon series being quite popular amongst fans for expanding in the lore of the series and giving plenty of neat easter eggs and references for fans to enjoy.

But one type of book that is lacking for the series is a comprehensive examination of the art, characters, story, just about everything about Street Fighter really. Enter the aptly named Undisputed Street Fighter book. As the name implies, this THE book for Street Fighter fans everywhere. Why exactly? Because of the talent behind it! Steve Hendershot has written the book along with the editing of Tim Lapetino! Tim is an expert in delivering high-quality books, as he served as the writer for the jaw-dropping Art of Atari book that you can read about here.

Looks ace right? You bet. Tim and Steve have teamed up to give the Street Fighter series the same sort of professional treatment. They run through each aspect of the series’ history, from the creation of specific characters, the merchandise, the voice actors for some of the characters, all sorts. No character is left out on this one! Everyone from Ken, to even Eagle! They will even be covering Street Fighter 1 characters like Eagle! Some serious lore digging right there! This really is the most comprehensive look at the Street Fighter series so far, and it’s a must own if you’ve grown up with the games.

Undisputed Street Fighter isn’t set to come out until later this year, but the advance pages we’ve seen so far give a good indication of what to expect from the book. A look at some of the FUNKO Pop figures, characters like Birdie and Dhalism, it’s all there and it looks awesome. Check out our gallery down below and decide for yourself! If you like what you see you, can pre-order it by clicking here!

What do you think of the book? Are you a big Street Fighter fan? What was your favourite game in the series to play?

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