University Students Turn School Building into a Giant Retro Console

Over the years we have seen numerous ideas that bring new life to old retro console and games, with some more interesting than others; but at a University in Germany students have opted to turn their entire school building into a massive retro-themed games console.

By using over 392 windows and 55,000 LED lights the Students transformed the front of their school building a monitor and by using specially designed light switches the group of students were able to control what appears on their school building.

retro console building

At first flashing lights and general messages were displayed; but as the night progressed on the students were able to play Tetris, Snake and Pong on their school building.

It’s not the first time that someone has turned a wall, or a building, into a TV screen as numerous people have done it in the past; however it is one of the few times that someone has used lights to replicate a game being played on a building rather than a giant projector screen.

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