Neo Geo Fighting Game

Unknown Neo Geo Fighting Game Prototype Discovered

During the past few months many unreleased prototype’s have been discovered; some ranging from arcade cabinets, such as Sega Sonic Bros, to entirely unreleased consoles, such as the Super Playstation CD. Well over the past few days an unreleased, and unknown, Neo Geo Fighting Game Prototype has been discovered and everyone is left baffled to where it originated form.

This particular prototype was discovered by Neo Geo forum user NeoTurfMasta who purchased the Chipboard for £450 from a Japanese online auction. At the time the product was listed non-working and defective, with no markings indicating the game or its manufacturer.

After some tinkering NeoTurfMasta was able to get the game working and has since shared his findings with MAME users in an attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding this game; but so far not concrete information has been found.

All we know is that this Neo Geo title is a 2D Sprite based fighting game with characters wielding weapons and amor; thus offering a different type of fighting experience to other fighting games released onto the Neo Geo platform.

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