Unreleased SNES Action Platformer ‘Shadowhawk’ has been leaked online!

Jim Valentino is a comic book creator who is known for working on the very series issues of Guardians of the Galaxy. He was also the writer and artist of Shadowhawk. Despite the name sounding a lot like the hero that a child thinks up for their first super hero, he has a fanbase. So much so, that a Super Nintendo game was developed! It got pretty far in, but due to being unable to find a publisher for the game, the title faded away never to be released for the SNES. The game’s completed form was recently leaked as a ROM for everyone to enjoy, so grab it while you can!

In the game you take up the Shadowhawk mantel, travel through a big city with classic side scrolling beat em up gameplay. Battles on rooftops, use a Bionic Commando like grappling hook mechanic, and encounter waves of bad guys to beat up. There it nothing new here, but it’s interesting to see what you might of been able to pick up at the local store if this had made it’s way through proper production. Would we all know Shadowhawk a bit better if this game had been released? Who knows. But never the less, it’s a SNES game that almost saw the light of day! Cool stuff.

Click here to download and play the game yourself!

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