What ‘Dizzy’ did for Gaming.

Anybody growing up as a gamer in the 1980’s into the 1990’s should surely of heard of Dizzy. Dizzy was an egg shaped hero who would somersault through screen after screen picking up objects which he could then use to progress further into the game before finally defeating the evil wizard Zaks.

Dizzy – A Cartoon Adventure

This was the first Dizzy game where it all began and also the most infuriating. This was simply due to the fact he could only carry 1 item at a time and most screens involved you having to kill something to proceed. Usually something like ghosts or bats. This involved a lot of backtracking to an irritating extent.

Treasure Island Dizzy

This game actually introduced some new gameplay mechanics and even enjoyed a release on Amiga though I believe it would only actually run on the Amiga 500 and wouldn’t run on later models such as Amiga 500+, 600 or 1200 unless it was emulated down to a standard 500. This was the first Dizzy game to actually include a storyline and plot too. Dizzy could now carry 3 items at once though it was a rotating inventory whereby the first item he holds out of the 3 is the next thing he drops. This is somewhat annoying when he drops his snorkel and drowns which happens quite a lot.

Fantasy Land Dizzy

This and the later games are when the system finally worked whereby you could bring up an inventory screen where Dizzy could choose what to use and drop. These later games became very enjoyable and showed a lot of what would become common on many later games which I’ll get to now.

Finally onto my point

The basic premise of the 2D platform game whereby a somersaulting egg would pick up items which he would then use to progress came to a head in the mid 1990’s. A certain female by the name of Lara Croft would use many of these elements to progress through many tombs of which she raided. If you strip away the zombies from Resident Evil and focus on the item finding and backtracking and progression then what do you have. If you strip away many of todays games then the skeleton is strangely egg shaped.

This isn’t me yearning for a full HD remake of the games, just a reminder how much todays gaming owes the little fella.

Thanks for reading
Brian Stanney

  • Toby O’Brien

    Finally someone who has the same thought I have had for years! I love Lara Croft but Dizzy is superb and I believe was the original Tomb Raider. Indi had his Dog Jnr and we had an Egg called Dizzy! Now we have a female model called Lara. All we need now is Lara sitting down with Dizzy for breakfast!