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Which Game Boy Game is Worth More Than £700? |

And that’s for a used copy…

If you have a few games tucked away in the loft, it might be worth checking for a copy of Trip World up there:

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Trip World (Game Boy) was a Sunsoft platformer released in 1992 in Europe and Japan only – and in very limited numbers. Despite a meagre print run, the game has become a favourite with Game Boy enthusiasts for being both difficult to obtain and genuinely enjoyable to play. As a result, Trip World ranks highly on the “rarest Game Boy game” list.

The game was re-released in Europe and Japan on the 3DS Virtual Console recently, and eBay is currently rife with cheaper “reproduction” copies (manufactured by fans looking to capitalise on the game’s scarcity) – but a genuine, complete-in-box PAL copy sold over on the RetroCollect forums earlier this year for £750, whilst a factory sealed Japanese copy sold for well over £1000 on eBay.

What are the odds of you finding this one in the wild? This Reddit user obtained one at a flea market for free – if only we could be so lucky…