Which of these famous faces looks the most like Super Mario?

You’d think that Mario was a pretty unique looking guy… well think again!


Super Mario is famous for quite a few things – racing go-karts, dodging fire balls and kicking Koopa Troopa’s a** to name a few. He’s also one of the most recognizable characters in gaming, resplendent in dungarees, red cap and bushy mustache.

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But as it turns out, he has a few doppelgangers in the real world! Which of these look the most like Mario?


Jack Black – actor, school of rock-er, mario brother?

Jack Black

Robert Downey Jr – probably the best looking Mario of the bunch…


Joba Chamberlain – Former baseball player

Joey Barton – the former Premier League player isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. So it’s best nobody mentions this to him…

Borat – A bit of a curve-ball this one, as arguably he looks more like…

…a certain video game legend’s brother!