Why People Love Sonic The Hedgehog


If you were born in between 1970 and the early 1990s, then there’s a slim chance that you don’t know who Sonic the Hedgehog is. And slim to none chances that you don’t love him. Any video game enthusiast, kid or adult considers Sonic the superstar of 1990’s video games. He was an icon of speed and fun. He holds a special place in our hearts.

Sonic is a trademark for Sega like Mario is for Nintendo. Sonic the Hedgehog was the first game Sega introduced. While it is natural to have an affiliation with a game character you grow up with, there are more reasons than that to love Sonic. Read on to know why Sonic has upheld a sturdy fan base through the years.

He Gives Mario A Run For His Money

Mario games are undeniably a hell lot of fun. What they lack is diversity. Also, they are almost always too sluggish and have a rather too generic story line, the hero has to save the princess. Sonic is about being a cool one of a kind butt kicker saving the day from mechanical baddies, bigger than life monstrosities, and over the top abilities like Super Sonic or the bubble shields.

His Super Cool Music

Over the years, the fact that SEGA does way better music than Nintendo is set in stone. Super Mario Galaxy was the only Nintendo game with better music and still didn’t come close to Sonic. Sonic’s soundtracks have great music that incorporates electric guitars, drums, and rock music. Live & Learn and Open Your Heart are the best examples.

His Speed
Sonic has proven that he is the speediest hedgehog in the world. Try one of the games and you’ll see. According to the Sonic Comic series, Sonic’s speed is the result of a lab accident which included a hamster wheel and a pair of blue sneakers. The result was a blue-furred hedgehog with super speed.

His Color

Ever wondered why Sonic is blue? Aren’t hedgehogs supposed to be brown or black? Well, besides the lab accident, the logo of SEGA is blue and they wanted their mascot to be of the same color for representation. Also, blue stands for peace which is a symbol of Sonic’s good-guy with a badass attitude.

His Love for Breakdance
Sonic loves a chance to show you some of his impeccable breakdance moves. Breakdancing is one of his ultimate favourite past times as seen in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books. You can also witness this break dancing love of his in the games. In Super Smash Bros Brawl, one of his heckling techniques is a break dance. A number of 3D Sonic games display Sonic breakdancing in celebration of clearing a level. And in Sonic Battle, Sonic’s combat style was based on breakdancing.

Sonic the Hedgehog has a special place in everyone’s heart because it maintains itself as the coolest game one could play back in the 90’s. Generations of people have the memory of it being their first game ever. His iconic style is unforgettable. Sonic will always be loved.


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