Why you need a Retro Freak in your life!

For a long time now the Retron 5 has been the king of all in one consoles for the living room. There’s a new kid on the block making some waves, it’s the Retro Freak! If you don’t know what the Retro Freak is, then sit back, as we’re going to be covering what it is, and why you need to pick one up!


The Retro Freak is an all-in one games console made by the guys over at Cyber Gadget. Cyber Gadget are veterans in the field of retro gaming and emulation, having their hands in the Japanese homebrew scene and a few other consoles. So they decided to jump into the mainstream console scene, and boy did they make a big first splash!

The Retro Freak let’s you play 12 offical classic retro consoles all-in one machine, and the best part? Through some add ons, you can play at 15 consoles in total. We’ll be covering each of them in this article, so don’t worry! Alongside HD upscaling via HDMI, and a user interface that lets you change the way you display the games. Scan lines? You’ve got it. The Retro Freak can do it all!


A really nifty feature is just how micro the console really is, as shown below, the console is pocket sized in actuality. The base is really to allow for the cartridge reading function, but the actual machine doing all the work is very compact and lightweight, making it a real modern marvel of technical engineering. So you could just grab an SD card, take the machine with you in your pocket and play an entire games library without the need for the base unit.

Another thing to note is that the Controller that comes with the Retro Freak is very nice. Everyone knows the issues with the Retron 5 controller, well the Retro Freak does not have these issues at all. Instead boasts a wonderful controller feel. If you really want to get the most out of the Retro Freak, you NEED to pick up the premium version, you get the controller adapter, which will allow you to use original TurboGrafx, Famicom, Super Famicom, and SEGA Genesis controllers. You will not get this feature with the standard version, so it’s a must buy if you care about getting the best feel out of the Retro Freak!


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Speaking of doing it all. The Retro Freak has something over the Retron 5 that is pretty neat! It’s VERY emulation friendly. Let’s say you have a few SNES cartridges around, you like to play them, but you also like the idea of being able to pop them on an SD card and just choose as you want. Well, if you plug an SD card into the Retro Freak, and insert the cartridge in, it can dump the data straight onto the SD Card.

That way you can just take a load of your old cartridges and pop all of your games into one place. You can also just grab the files off the web and put them on there yourself if you want. But it’s just very user friendly when it comes to emulation, which isn’t something we’ve seen with consoles like the Retron 5 before.


So as we discussed, the Retro Freak is the king in terms of playing a bunch of different types of consoles. The company that makes the Retro Freak has it’s roots in Japan, so you also don’t have to worry about compatibility issues either. Whatever you want to throw at the Retro Freak, you bet it can handle it! Let’s go through a quick run through of what the console can handle.


A niche bit of kit that Hudson Soft and NEC Home Electronics made which is beloved by many in the world. The Retro Freak is one of the only consoles to support PC Engine cartridges as well!


If you’ve ever owned a TurboGrafx 16, then you know just how awesome it is. There are more lovers for the console than you might think. It’s honestly a blast to play once you sit down and give it a chance!


The Japanese version of the NES, lots of classics and gems on this console for all the collectors out there! The compatibility is second to none as well.


Super Famicom is the home to some of the best games on the planet. The Japanese SNES, and for many, a fun console to collect for. (Like the Super Famicom? Click the image for a product you might enjoy!)


Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World, and Legend of Zelda, the list goes on. For many of us kids, the SNES was the machine that made our day to day life! What’s not to love?


Sega does what Nintendon’t! A common playground debate among many, but everyone agrees that the Megadrive delivered some of the best games to date.


Genesis is loved by many. For good reason as well. It had ‘BLAST PROCESSING’! Marketing terms aside, the Genesis is a very fantastic console indeed.


Handheld memories. The Gameboy had it in spades! For many of us, playing Pokemon and Mario on  it made our commutes to school or wherever we were headed that much more enjoyable.


Like the Gameboy? Like colours? BAM! You’ve got the Gameboy Colour! For something so small to pack out the quality of games that it did was just astounding.


The GBA is for many, the best handheld around. Casltevania, Golden Sun, Harvest Moon, Mario games, it had it all. You cannot go wrong with the Gameboy Advance!

That’s all of the consoles that the Retro Freak can play… out of the box that is! There a few games you can get out of the Retro Freak with some help. Let’s break those down and complete this list.


As mentioned, we’ll be breaking down a few of the extra consoles you can get out of the Retro Freak with the appropriate add-ons! So let’s not waste any time and jump right into things!


The Nintendo Entertainment System, a timeless console! The saviour of the video game crash, and favourite to many. (These can only be played if you purchase the premium version of the Retro Freak which you can purchase from ourselves.)


Not to be outdone by the Gameboy, Sega released the Game Gear. A fantastic hand-held that is seriously underrated! (These can only be played with an appropriate Retro Freak adapter.)


SG – 1000 titles are not often discussed, but the ability to play them on something other than the original machine is pretty impressive! (These can only be played with an appropriate Retro Freak adapter.)


Master System games are timeless. We’ve seen them played on the Retron 5 using the Powerbase Mini before, and luckily the same works with the Retro Freak! Use a Powerbase Mini and you are all sorted! (Click the image to be directed to the Powerbase Mini that we sell.)


For you Japanese fanatics out there with some Mark III games, you can be pleased to know that the Retro Freak can play these games as well! (These can only be played with an appropriate Retro Freak adapter.)


If you ever found yourself wanting more out of Retron 5, and you want every single game you can think of to be played on one unit, then look no further than the Retro Freak. It’s clear how much love and care was put into this device. With the focus on improved compatibility with different regions and so forth, and the attention to detail when it comes to just how the games themselves are presented! You do not want to miss out on the Retro Freak when it releases. Especially with the support of an SD card, as the possibilities are endless!

You can be positive that FunstockReto is going to be the place to get these devices, as we are the best Retro gaming site in the UK and Europe. So go ahead and pre-order here or click here to sign up for further stock notifications, and when it’s ready, grab your Retro Freak and enjoy some awesome Retro Gaming!

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