Wild Guns Reloaded Heading To PC In July

Ready up, partner.

Natsume is doing quite well for themselves, as they’ve got a new Harvest Moon game in the works. Another neat addition is their latest announcement, the well-received sequel to Wild Guns, Wild Guns Reloaded will be heading to PC in July.

PS4 users have been able to enjoy the supped up sequel in all of its glory, and enjoy they have. Critics and gamers alike have agreed that Wild Guns Guns Reloaded is one of the best sequels to an Arcade game in quite some time, a Sonic Mania situation where it’s just the same game we all know and love. But better! You can play as a dog for crying out loud!


  • Two new characters, each with their own weapons and tactics!
  • Up to 4 players and Online Rankings!
  • Classic and NEW Stages!
  • NEW Boss Enemies and Special Weapons!

Wild Guns Reloaded will release for PC on July 4th, 2017, will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments below!

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