Win A Streets Of Rage Pixel Art Print!

Everyone who loves SEGA more than likely loves the Streets of Rage series. And why not? It’s one of the hallmark classics when it comes to the Beat ‘Em Up genre! The gameplay that hooked us in with it’s edgy and street wise feel kept us as fans for the years to come! So we wanted to give back to the community here!

Who did you pick?

Who did you pick?

We know a lot of you are MEGA Drive Fans, which we are too of course. So we’re doing a little giveaway for our UK customers – We’re giving away a fantastic Streets of Rage Pixel Art Print for you all to enjoy!

The perfect piece of a budding mancave or nice decoration for some Retro decour – You do not want to miss out on the chance to win this!

Funstock Retro – Win a Streets of Rage Pixel Style Art Print!

Random fact of Trivia here to end things off. Did you know Blaze is actually from the UK? How Blaze’s do you know? Ah you know, just that lass Blaze down in Scunthorpe. She’s a right character!


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