Woman Pays $7.99 for a Game Worth $15,000

Anybody heard of ‘Stadium Events’ for the Nintendo Entertainment System? Nope, neither had we! But apparently it’s worth $15,000, and one lucky woman paid $7.99 for it.

Described as the “Holy grail of rare video games” by Kotaku, Stadium Events was originally released in 1987.

In North America, Nintendo bought the rights to its “Family Fun Fitness” mat and then changed the brand to Power Pad, this meant that anything with the old branding on was supposed to have been destroyed. Not quite. This made Stadium Events incredibly rare, a recent auction on eBay for a sealed copy of the game sold for $41,300.

The game, purchased from a charity shop was taken to the ‘Save Point Video Games’ store in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wilder Hamm (the shop owner) said that he nearly fainted and was too dazzled to make a legitimate offer.

The woman will be getting the game officially graded and will then eventually put it up on eBay.

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  • Tj

    Boo! Ok fair play and awesome find of course but anyone who is just going to resell it and for that matter get it VGA graded (Which imo is bull shit) really doesnt deserve it. Just saying a true collector who might not have the cash for rare games that would be great if they found it but no. Now its gonna get VGA graded cost about 150 thousand, no one will buy it… and the poor charity shop got scammed, honestly I know tonnes wouldnt but I would give abit more (you know for charity) but what ever hopfully she likes the game and is selling it for the money because if your not die hard then its probably better as the cash but vga rating 😛 really!