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Worms Merchandise

Team 17’s Worms series has enjoyed an enduring appeal amongst retro gamers young and old. In addition to a trademark battle system spawning many imitators, it’s hard not to be enamoured by the Worms themselves, who have made the leap from 2D to 3D and back again whilst retaining their unusual – and most definitely British – charm. So we’ve got some nifty Worms merchandise to enjoy over on our site!

Worms T-Shirts

Two great designs on these shirts – worms in space on black or a worm armed with a bazooka on green.

worms t shirtworms shirt

Or, if you’re not quite looking for clothing:

super sheep

How about your very own Worms Super Sheep? This 29cm plush makes sound when pressed and won’t blow up in your face, unlike the real Super Sheep.

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