You can play Classic NES games on the Microsoft HoloLens!

Programmer Andrew Peterson is making some serious magic at the moment. He’s working on a program that re-creates classic Nintendo Entertainment System games in holographic form. It’s basically an emulator that let’s you play NES games, but the best part is that it loads the game in a 3D effect style! Named the “N3S” as a reference to abbreviation of the Nintendo Entertainment System of course!

It’s a really exciting experience from the sounds of it. You can play you favourite NES titles, and play the games from all angles and look at all the details on a 3D space! Step into the world of Super Mario! See all the little pixels and flat shapes of a Koopa Troopa upclose, everyone wants to do that right?! Overall, it’s a impressive display of just what the Microsoft HoloLens is capable of! It provides a very interesting look into the future of gaming, as it’s quite clear the focus is going to be what can be done with VR.

What do you guys think about this whole VR craze that’s sweeping the industry?

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