ZX Spectrum – A Visual Compendium Printed Running Sheets Shown in Photos

With the ZX Spectrum – A Visual Compendium due out next month, and currently available to pre-order at www.funstockretro.co.uk, its author, Sam Dyer, has recently released a selection of photographs which show the printed running sheets at the printing house and ready for mass production.

These large scale running sheets, or master assets if you prefer, are whats used in order to create books of this quality; but it also highlights the fact that Bitmap book’s third book, the ZX Spectrum – A Visual Compendium, is within the final stages of its production and will soon be upon us.

You can view the full range of photographs in the gallery below:

The ZX Spectrum – A Visual Compendium is available to pre-order at www.funstockretro.co.uk and you can save an additional 5% on your order by using the discount code ‘NEWS5’