ZX Spectrum Vega Plus Console Announced

Retrobit Computers, the creators of the ZX Spectrum Vega console, are back at-it-again with a portable handheld variation known as the ZX Spectrum Vega Plus.

This handheld device takes the ‘controller-type-design’ of the original ZX Spectrum Vega and improves upon it with by adding a built-in-battery and LCD Screen to make it a portable handheld console rather than just a console that connects to the TV. Just like the previous ZX Spectrum Vega this console will feature 1,000 built-in games with additional games being added via the SD Card slot.

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The ZX Spectrum Vega Plus will operate in a similar manner to the previously released ZX Spectrum Vega, which is available to order from Funstock Retro; simply turn on the device and navigate the menu system to choose your preferred game. Just like any other handheld the game is played directly through the LCD screen, with the game-controller styled buttons on the console being used to play the game.

Of course if you prefer to play these iconic games on your TV screen then you can do; simply use the cable provided to connect the unit to your TV and the screen will be mirrored. As mentioned 1,000 games will be built-in to the console as standard; however just like the ZX Spectrum Vega more can be added by using a SD Card. This means that the entire library of ZX Spectrum games can be played and taken away with you anywhere you desire.

It’s a unique device and it’s one that is sure to please ZX Spectrum fans that wish to take their games on the go as well as enjoy them on the big screen.

The ZX Spectrum Vega Plus is estimated to retail at £100; however more information surrounding the pricing and its availability will be revealed in the coming months. You can sign-up to be notified about the ZX Spectrum Vega Plus at Funstock Retro.

The original ZX Spectrum Vega is available to order from www.funstockretro.co.uk.